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As varied as the big game species of Asiatic highlands are, in horn configuration and size, coloration and distrubition, their seekers are just diverse in personal ways, physical conditions and temperament. And it has been our good fortune to assist great many of these folks on their hunts over the years. Some of these guys were supertough who would give a good run a local guide for his money or would make any army sniper green with envy. Although others may not have been as skilled or gifted, each were unique in their own way. Some hunted for an extra inch while others wanted to soak up the whole experience. Whatever the motives were we have reasons to believe that we have succeeded in carrying out our responsibility and have developed a great mutual respect and everlasting friendship with most of these gentlemen. As our tenth hunting season as Caprinae Safaris is drawing to a close, we sincerely feel obliged to our clients who put their faith in us and our young outfit. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude. Together we enjoyed a bountiful season with lots of memorable hunts. We would also like to thank everyone who gave their assistance to us, be it in the field or from miles away; as well as those who supported us in our new quarry, while others were questioning it. Thank you.
Mehmet ALKAN
US Representative
Jim is our resident Turkish cowboy! His grasp of the langue, culture, and hunting opportunities gives our North American hunters a point of reference that is available anytime to assist before, during, or after the hunt. He is orginally from Texas but lives here in Turkey with his family year round working alongside us. He previously owned and operated his own licensed hunting business here in Turkey. He has wealth of hunting and guiding experience in North America and Asia.
Pakistan Representative
Captain Asad - as we still call him - retired from Pakistani Army aviation to become a professional hunter. He worked with some reputable outfitters and booking agents from different countries over two decades before he hooked up with Caprinae Safaris the year it was established. He takes care of all our official chores with the Pakistani government and assits some of our clients during their stay in Pakistan.
Nazmiye CELIK
Office Management
Well experienced at booking in Asia & Europe. She has been managing our sightseeing, touring and cultural activities. Speaks English fluently and has been working with Caprinae Safaris for several years.
Ismail SIRIN
Director of hunts in Turkey
He worked in the Turkish Game Department for decades, retired a few years ago as the chairman of wildlife management and started working for Caprinae Safaris. His extensive experience on the matter gives him great advantage when conducting all our hunts in Turkey. He also guides for wild boar.
Well experienced at big game huntings. He uses his skills efficiently. He has taken parts nearly all hunts in Turkey. He knows the hunting areas inside out and well connected with the local people. He is full of energy to overcome the handicaps. He has been guiding customers with success. He is always curious about the new situations and he can easily adapt himself. He speaks English fluently.
He has guided in Asia & Europe and Turkey over the years obtaining considerable amount of experience in several different destinations and species. Along with his hunting trips he also guides for our cultural tour groups. His jovial nature enables him to build a bridge with his client straight away. He is fluent in English.
Tour Guide
He does our custom handling at Istanbul airport. He also helps us with our sightseeing activities in Istanbul and can turn your stopover into pleasure.
Resit Kaan OZMEN
He has a wealth of experience in many Asian destinations along with Turkey. Always willing to gain the extra mile to find out what is behind the next hill he is full of energy to make the hunt success. Fluent in English and Russian.
He has guided a good number of hunters from all over the world throughout the years. He is well experienced at all kinds of big game hunts in Turkey. Being a professional tour guide he also helps us with our sightseeing and cultural programmes and may turn your hunting trip to a semi cultural tour. Fluent in English.

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