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Hunting in Switzerland

Although came to a point of extinction over most of its range around late 19th century, Alpine ibex today can be found throughout the Swiss, French, Austrian, German and Italian Alps.

Best time for an Alpine ibex hunt can be a debatable matter. While earlier periods offer enjoyable hunting in a beautiful surroundings, later periods in November when the rut occurs, is more likely the produce exceptional trophies.

Judging the trophies by CIC, any head over 150 points should be considered an outstanding trophy. Caprinae Safaris already did this X times before.

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Hunting in Switzerland

Alpes of Switzerland


Originally found in the Alps, Alpine ibex was extirpated throughout its range by 1850, except for the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy in the Grand Paradiso which was set as a royal reserve in that year by the king. This action saved the herd and subsequently this herd became the source from which animals were obtained to reestablish populations in other areas of their former range . Today it can be hunted in Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Germany.

The Alpine ibex most resembles the Asian ibex. However its relatively uniform darker body color and smaller beard distinguish it from its Asian cousin. Also the horns of European ibex usually grow in a single plane. Males average about 34 inches and the magic number is 40”.


Geneva airport is served by almost all European carriers as well as a few daily trans- Atlantic flights. These include flights from Montréal’s Trudeau International (YUL) on Air Canada (AC), Washington’s Dulles (IAD) and Newark International (NWK) on United (UA), and New York’s Kennedy (JFK) on Swiss (LX). Otherwise, when flying from North and South America you will have to change planes. Upon arrival to Geneva, hunters will have an enjoyable train ride about hour and a half before they arrive to a small Swiss village named St-Maurice. This will be the final destination for the hunters until the end of the hunt.


There are several different spots around St-Maurice to hunt ibex and chamois. These areas can be reached after 45 minutes to two hour car ride. Then the rest of the hunt will be done on foot until the desired size of ibex is found. Most hunting areas are easy to walk but there are also some rugged parts where the ibex can be found. At the end of each hunting day, the hunters will go back to their hotel to overnight. The altitudes in the hunting areas do not exceed 2500 meters.


We schedule our hunts from August 1 thru November 30 except the whole month of September due to Red stag hunting at that time in the country. So the periods would be August 01-31 and October 01- November 30. The weather conditions are warm during the month of August so the hunt is not really advisable. First two weeks of October may be a compromise between good weather and hunting conditions. After mid October the weather tends to change. There may be some snow on the ground by mid November and it may get deeper in the second part of the month. However being the early days of rut, late November can be rewarding for big trophies.

The hunters stay in a small but nice village hotel with a restaurant. But the lodging may be upgraded with an extra fee. There are a number of different restaurants in the village so dinners can be eaten out of the hotel as well.


Three actual hunting days are enough for this hunt providing the weather conditions are good. In case the chamois is combined, two more hunting days are added.

Day 01. Arrival in Geneva and transfer to the area and overnight

Day 02-04. Hunt for Alpine ibex

Day 05. Return to Geneva and depart for home

Grab your Alpine Ibex with Caprinae Safaris.
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