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Hunt Altai Argali in Mongolia

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Altai mountains are the longest and most prominent of the three great ranges dominate the Mongolian territory. This huge, picturesque piece of land is the home for the largest of the whole Ovis family. Bearing the heaviest horns with the most beautiful shapes, first time viewers of this majestic animal find it hard to believe its massive horn growth. There can only be a few species of big game that appeal more to the heart of the hunter than an old argali ram in his upland solitude.

The Altai subspecies of argali inhabit the grassy uplands and exposed hills between the snow capped peaks of Altai range at 7000-10000 feet ( 2100-3000 meters) Hunts are conducted by vehicle and the final stalk on a desired ram will be on foot once the trophy of a lifetime has been spotted.           

The camps are consist of a number of dome shaped nomad’s tents traditionally called “ger” or “yurt” as the Kyrgyz name it. These well-insulated, felt tents prove to be very comfortable and serviceable even in extreme weather conditions. The camps are manned by competent and attentive camp staff.  

Trophy hunting is well regulated in Mongolia although officials came with new restrictions on the quotas and on the duration of the season in recent years. Previously, argali hunting season in Mongolia was basically like any other sheep hunting season until new regulations put a ban on hunting during the rutting season. So the season for argali hunts currently starts by July 1st and runs through the end of September. 

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