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Hunt Anatolian Chamois in Turkey

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Anatolian chamois is solely indigenous to Turkey and is one of the eight huntable subspecies of chamois there is on earth.

It haunts the northeast part of the country and also some small pockets of mountains in the eastern provinces. However, until recently, hunting for this species was allowed only on the Kackar Mountains which form the northern section of the Anatolian mountain range. With the opening of new areas in the eastern parts, new spots for the trophy hunters became available. In these areas Anatolian chamois live in healthy numbers and offer very good sport for those who are interested.

Chamois in Turkey can be hunted anytime starting from August through the end of March. Early season hunts are not recommend for a full success. Best time is the month of November, when the chamois indulge itself in mating. At this time of the year big males can be collected, although the average size for the horn length is around 8 ½ inches. 

Hunters are accommodated in four star hotels in most areas Caprinae Safaris hunts. For some other areas where such hotels do not exist, local village guest houses utilized for our client's comfort.  

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