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Hunt Balkan Chamois in Macedonia

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The Balkan chamois is indigenous to a number of different countries as it’s distribution span international borders. However Macedonia is home to the largest population of the subspecies in Europe, making it probably the best destination for its pursuit.

According to scientists, Alpine and Balkan chamois are of the same origin as there is no way of telling the difference between the two race by the external features although Balkan chamois is probably somewhat larger in body size than the Alpine chamois.

Our Balkan chamois hunts in Macedonia take place on the Karadzica mountains which is only an hour’s ride from the capitol city Skopje. Several areas can be hunted out of a single camp and they can be reached by four wheel drive trucks within an hour at the most. Hunting grounds lie at altitudes between 4500-6000 feet (1500-1800m). Terrain is considerably steep but clearly defined trails can take hunters just about anywhere.

Lodging is provided in comfortable hunting houses with all the luxuries a hunter can expect. Food can only be described as excellent and may be served with surprisingly good local wine upon request.

Balkan chamois can be hunted anytime from the beginning of September through November 20. Best period may be considered to be any time between October 25-November 15. Chamois hunts can be combined with European mouflon at this time of year and with Red deer and/or Fallow deer in mid September or in October.

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