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Hunting in Azerbaijan

Dagestan Tur inhabits the mountains of Azerbaijan, located in the south-eastern Caucasus.

Dagestan Tur hunt may require extensive physical activity as most places can be reached only on foot. So as a general rule, hunters are required to hunt on foot although there may be some exceptions to the rule where horses can also be used in order to cover and glass more ground.

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Hunting in Azerbaijan



The Republic of Azerbaijan, located in the south-eastern Caucasus, is the home of Eastern Tur. Only here in the far east of the Caucasus lives the pure Eastern Tur also known to trophy hunters as the Dagestan Tur. It inhabits the mountains of Azerbaijan at altitudes between 5500’ - 10,500’. With the average horn length of 32” it has the nature of a cross, between a sheep and a mountain goat. Due to lack of scientific researches done on this animal, Dagestan Tur can not be recognized as neither a mountain goat nor a wild sheep; therefore counts through both Ovis and Capra slams.

The hunt for Dagestan Tur is considered to be the ultimate test for the mountain game hunters as it requires good physical condition and mental toughness. It is described by many as the toughest of all mountain game hunts as the animal provides a good sport and challenge for its pursuers. Therefore any size trophy of a Dagestan Tur is something to be proud of.


There are daily flights of Turkish Airlines from New York to Istanbul (non-stop) and to Baku. As you will be dealing with only one airline, this seems to be the best way in terms of checking your luggage all the way through Baku. Additionally Turkish Airlines fly to Istanbul from 9 other major US airports every day. Delta has also non-stop daily flights to Istanbul from New York, but this option requires a transfer to another airline on the Baku lag.

Most of major airline hubs in Europe (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow etc.) offer connection options for Baku although some of these airports may create a hassle for the gun transportation.

With some connections in Istanbul, there may be long hours of layover (8-10 hrs) before the Baku flight. In such cases Caprinae Travel might as well arrange you a fully professional sightseeing tour in the city for a few hours in order to make your stopover fun. Our tour guide can pick you up at the airport and take you around for a lunch in down town and show you some of the sights.

Once in Baku you will be met by our representative and the PH at the airport and driven to the town of Sheki where our hunts take place which is about 4-5 hour drive north-west of Baku.


Our operations take place around the town of Scheki situated on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus range. The town which has a history of almost 2000 years is a jumping point for our operations in the area. Hunting grounds in the Caucasus Mountains lie at the altitudes between 5500’- 10500’ (1700 – 3000m) and the camp places on these mountains are reached by horses.

After arriving Scheki, one has to take another ride into the mountains either in a six wheel truck or on horseback (or both), depending on the camp place chosen for that specific hunt. This trip may take 3-7 hours. Spotting and stalking is the main characteristic of the hunt and besides stalking, traditional driven hunts can be arranged too upon hunter’s demand.


Hunting period runs from May through December. But the months of July and August along with early September are the best times for the hunt of this specie.

It is hard to make a general statement about the weather in Caucasus mountains but in August and September the weather is quite suitable for hunting and the temperature is around 68-80 F ( 20–27C) during the day. Some fog can be expected anytime during the day which is the main characteristic of these mountains. But sometimes fog can stay in the area for several days. Even some rain can interfere with your hunting any time of the year. Hunters are accommodated mainly in tented hunting camps. But some hunting areas have small cabins that can be used for lodging.


Due to good population of animals, Eastern Tur hunt requires 5 hunting days. Along with the days reserved for travelling from/to Baku, the total number of days for the whole organization is 8. Below is the tentative day by day itinerary;

Day 01. Arrival and transfer to the hunting area (in the case of an early hour arrival)

Day 02-06. Hunt Dagestan Tur

Day 07. Return back to Baku and overnight.

Day 08. Departure for home


  1. Where is the best place to hunt Dagestan Tur ?
  2. Dagestan Tur is indigenous to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russian Federation. Georgia is currently unavailable for trophy hunting. Eastern Tur can be hunted on the Russian side of the Caucasus range but the trophy quality proved to quite not so good. All that makes Azerbaijan the most desirable destination for Dagestan tur hunting.
  3. What is the average trophy size for Dagestan Tur ?
  4. In our areas 30-32 inch trophy length is considered average size. 33 - 34 inches are high average while anything over 34 inch is a very good Dagestan Tur ram. 40” is the magic number for Dagestan Tur. With all that being said, we must add that any Tur trophy is something to be proud of.
  5. How many hunting days for Dagestan Tur are needed ?
  6. The duration for Dagestan Tur hunting is 5 days which is sufficient for a successful hunt providing the weather conditions are good. Along with 2 more travelling days the whole program comes up to 7 days.
  7. When is the hunting season for Dagestan Tur ?
  8. Dagestan Tur hunting season starts by the end of April and runs all way through the end of year.
  9. Which months are best for Dagestan Tur hunting?
  10. We always recommend the month of May for a relatively easy or rather for an easier hunt. We don’t normally offer any Tur hunting after mid October since the weather conditions may have a negative effect on the hunt. Summer temperatures can also affect the hunt by limiting animal movement during the day. However the weather gets better after Mid August and will be very good in September.
  11. What is the camp like for Dagestan Tur hunting ?
  12. All camps in Azerbaijan are mainly consist of tents. Some cabins are also available but to some extend.
  13. How are the Dagestan Tur hunts conducted ?
  14. Horses are utilized only to reach the camp. Tur hunters are required to hunt on foot from camp onwards. A lot of glassing in needed to locate animals. Once the animal of desired size spotted a considerable amount of walking/climbing will be in order.
  15. What physical conditions are required for Dagestan Tur hunting ?
  16. An average to good physical shape is a must for Tur hunting. On the other hand mental strength seems to be more important than the physical toughness. As long as a hunter is willing to walk and climb he will eventually get a chance to shoot at an Eastern Tur. No matter how slow the hunter may be.
  17. What is the success rate for Dagestan Tur hunts?
  18. Contrary to common belief our success rate with Dagestan Tur has always been high. The main reason for this fact is mostly because of high population of Eastern Tur in the county. Unless the hunter is very particular about the trophy size almost every one can harvest a Tur. We have had Tur hunters in Azerbaijan from every age groups over the years, the oldest one being 73. Of all the Tur hunts we have done in Azerbaijan in the past two decades or so, our success rate has been close to 95%.
  19. Can Dagestan Tur trophies be taken home?
  20. Tur hunters could take their trophies home with them until 2017 hunting season when the Dagestan Tur was made CITES Appendix II animal. Since then the trophies can only be shipped to clients when the related documents are issued by the Azerbaijani officials.


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