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Hunting in Austria

Hunting in Austria
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The Austrian hunting tradition reaches back about a thousand in history. With only aristocracy enjoying the tradition until 1848, the opportunities for all are now abundant. Austria boasts rich and various landscapes reaching from the plains in the east to some of the highest peaks of the Alps attracting hunters from all over the world who are looking for a wide range of European big game. The patchwork of climate and terrain that is sewn into Austria is, in fact, one of the most unique and interesting in all the world. It certainly takes a special kind of animal to survive in these chilly, mountainous regions. Two of the most common type of Austrian wildlife are the Alpine ibex and the chamois. One fo the most famous and picturesque types of Austrian wildlife is the well-known mouflon. The billies of Austria have an incredibly capacity for finding their footing on icy mountain rocks, in addition to extreme durability in the face of chilly Autsrian winters.

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