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Hunting in Azerbaijan

Hunting in Azerbaijan
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Blessed with a wealth of natural resources, Azerbaijan is one of the richest countries on the land that is known as Eurasia. Its people are considered to be the luckiest Turkic people in this region, living on a legendary site of the Garden of Eden, sitting on a subterranean sea of oil.

One of the most prominent features of Azerbaijan is the Caucasus Mountains that extend from the eastern shores of the Black sea to the southwest shores of the Caspian. This mountain range is commonly reckoned as the southwestern frontier of Europe. Located at a biological crossroads, species from northern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East intermingle here with endemics found nowhere else. Although Azerbaijan is not short of other game, for many trophy hunters, country’s name is almost synonymous with the Dagestan Tur that inhabits the Caucasus Mountains that forms the nation’s northwestern border with Russia.

Known as the “ultimate test” in the hunting world, Tur hunting is for those who are mentally fit to challenge anything that these green, precipitous mountains will throw at them. Rise to the challenge and the mountains will reveal literally hundreds of animals in their spectacularly beautiful habitat. Plus, you will enjoy the hospitality of its native inhabitants while pursuing the game with them.

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