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Hunting in Cameroon

Hunting in Cameroon
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It is said that Cameroon is Africa in miniature with regards to its geological and cultural diversity. Everything you would expect to find in Africa seem to be compacted and embodied in Cameroon. Situated on the west coast of Africa, Cameroon is shaped like an elongated triangle that borders with Chad, CAR, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, and Atlantic Ocean. The country has a tropical rainforest and deserted golden beaches in the south whilst the northern parts have great expanses of desert, vast lakes and savannah and volcanic mountains in-between. Wildlife is scattered throughout the country, with ample opportunity to view amazing wealth of different varieties of unique animals. Here one can find a little bit of everything Africa has got to offer. Although Cameroon’s most striking feature is it’s extraordinary biodiversity, there is also a rich cultural, heritage that is expressed in the arts and crafts, songs, folklore, architecture, exotic cuisine and numerous historical monuments and relics, which comes from the country’s colonial past and it’s deeply rooted history. Country’s richness in variety shows itself in every way possible. The major spoken languages are still French and English. There are 24 major African language groups and a multitude of more than 200 ethnic languages also in circulation with various tribes and religious groups populating the country. Despite it’s troubles, Cameroon has a wealth of activities and beautiful destinations to keep any traveler enthralled. Europeans discovered long ago what rest of the world have yet to learn that Cameroon is a tourism Mecca in the raw. Go visit before it gets discovered.

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