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Hunting in Croatia

Hunting in Croatia
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The younger generation of hunters may have probably heard about the alluring French Riviera and the game it used to offer during its golden age as a premiere destination for the practitioners of the sport. Today, it is better known for classy summer vacation resorts. On the other hand, the young Republic of Croatia, established after the breakup of Yugoslavia, is a newer spot for the sport, reminiscent of the olden days of the French Riviera.

Croatia has an amazing 5835 km coastline, approximately 4000 of which lie in the form of reefs and cliffs. It is embroidered into the Adriatic Sea with more than one thousand dazzling islands of different sizes, creating breathtaking scenery hard to find anywhere else in the world. In fact, this type of landscape is so unique that the geographical term “Dalmatian Coastline” is named after Croatia’s shores.

This small country is also blessed with a favorable climate and the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean. A mixture of green nature and blue sea may be the main attraction for many who visit the country over and over again. But in fact there is more to the country than its visual delight. A combination of culture, history, cuisine and wildlife made Croatia the most attractive tourist destination in 2005.

Visiting some parts of the country is like traveling back in time to the Roman era. Yet, restaurants and hotels in today’s Croatia meet everyone’s expectations. Unsurprisingly, seafood here is a specialty along with exquisite local wine.

While some of the well known traveling magazines list this pleasant country, that combines beauty with a palette of activities, as the best international destination for 2006; the country itself has already made a reputation amongst the dedicated big game hunters for producing big European mouflon and Balkan chamois trophies.

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