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Hunting in Iran

Hunting in Iran
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Iran's natural beauty is breathtaking. With a vast country of some 1.6 million sq. kilometers, its open landscapes with immense mountain ranges, lush forest, arid desert, ans tropical seaside definitely present a stage for an unforgettable adventure and successful safari opportunities.

Although Iran has been open to hunting world quite sometime, only recently it has opened its doors to the American sportsmen. Some of the finest mountain hunting in the world is now available to the most zealous and unwavering of hunters. As the result of a careful conservation program by the Department of Wildlife with dozens of protected reserves, we are now able to present you with an unforgettable hunting adventure. Iran's wide array of wildlife and unsurpassed historic and natural beauty makes it a perfect destination for your next hunting adventure.

From hunting the magnificent Persian Ibex to the trans-Caspian Urial, an unsurpassed hunting experience is awating you. Come and experience the warm hospitality of an ancient and mystical land with unmatched natural beauty and a wide array of wildlife.

Hunting Tours in Iran

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