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Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan
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An eruption of mountains tucked away in the Southeastern corner of Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic – often referred to as Kyrgyzstan – borders with three other former Soviet republics. On its eastern frontier, across a series of frozen peaks, lies China. With nine-tenths of the country being mountainous, only half of Kyrgyzstan’s 76.641 square mile territory falls below 10.000’’ and rises on peaks up to 24.300 feet.

The contours of Kyrgyzstan are formed by two major mountain systems: the southern part of the Tian Shan range, a great rock barrier dividing China from Central Asia; and the northern portion of the Pamirs, so high that they are known as the “the roof of the world”. The lofty peaks of these ranges, bridging space and earth, are draped in snow year round. Tien Shan, a Chinese name meaning “Heavenly or Celestial Mountains”, is not only one of the most beautiful places in creation, but also it is a sacred place, where, according to legend, gods live on the summits, where the peaks pointing up at the sky connect heavenly mystery and earthly life. The land chosen by gods has about 3000 glacier-fed lakes. Issyk-Kul, meaning “warm lake” in Kyrgyz, is the second largest mountain lake on the face of the earth and it confirms this name by remaining in liquid form during the freezing cold winter months of this land. About 80 rivers flow into the lake, yet none of them flow out. According to many, this jewel is the pride of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Kyrgyzstan offers some of the most dramatic scenery to be found anywhere in the world, from vast sweeping steppes to mighty citadels of ice, from jagged peaks to flower-strewn valleys that are home to several argali species, as well as Mid-Asian ibex. The country enjoyed a well deserved reputation for ibex and argali hunting well over a decade and still hosts a good number of trophy hunters annually from all over the world. The land of Tien-Shan, created and preserved by gods is generous enough to share its fruits with whoever comes along. You may too, like the gods before, come to this land, fall in love with it, and better yet, be rewarded with a trophy to take home.

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