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Hunting in Macedonia

Hunting in Macedonia
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Although the name Macedonia brings to mind images of ancient, great civilizations; today’s modern republic occupies only the western half of the ancient kingdom and is now 40 percent of what it used to be. Being in the very heart of southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia has always been a crossroads connecting Christian Europe and mystical Orient, which made this land an unequalled patchwork of cultures. Macedonia’s cultural treasures are a mixture of the fruits of diversity and archaeological legacy. It is not unusual to find antiquities from every stage of history spread to every corner of this tiny, landlocked country, while it boasts all the amenities of the modern day world as well.

Macedonia’s cultural treasures are only outdone by the abundance of the types of indigenous and introduced game animals. the country is also blessed with a wealth of wildlife. A number of different queries on a single trip can be hunted in this undiscovered composition of mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. As Macedonia’s eternal soil hosted so many cultures in its rich and lengthy history, now it also began hosting an increasing number of trophy hunters. You too can come to homeland of the promised land, where you can see man-made miracles next to the natural wonders.

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