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Hunting in Romania

Hunting in Romania
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Located in between Central and Eastern Europe, Romania has a rich tapestry of touristic attractions only a few other countries in this region can offer. Eerie castles, charming medieval villages and painted monasteries hidden away in deep Carpathian forests form the matchless display of cultural and artistic treasures of this fast changing, booming country.

 With its stunning mountain scenery and distinctive architecture, Transylvania is by far the most inspiring and romantic province of Romania. Numerous castles that you see here and there best demonstrate the country’s medieval past. Most renowned of all, the castle of Bran, where Prince Vlad Tepes (a.k.a. Count Dracula), is said to have lived in still stands for the ones who are intrigued by the legend and come to find out more.

But for the trophy hunter, Romania’s main attraction has always been its huge diversity of wildlife. Almost half of Europe’s bear population, a third of its wolves and again a third of its lynx roam freely here in the huge undisturbed forests and mountains of Romania.

Not only today’s trophy hunters, but even many top party officials back in Soviet era were lured by the hunting opportunities Carpathian Mountains and its immense forests hid. Once a rare privilege of a few, hunting in Romania today is available to everyone, who would like to pursue the biggest bears in Europe and the largest subspecies of chamois. You can stay in first class hotels, drink local wine, enjoy the culture and satisfy your passion for big game hunting in a country that has it all.

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