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Hunting in Russia

Hunting in Russia
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Russia, the largest country in the world, covers nearly twice as much of the earth as that of the next largest country. Its territory spans eleven time zones from one end to another and borders thirteen countries. It is here that nearly a quarter of the world's current forest area is retained which plays an important role in the world's climate.

For most visitors, the bulk of Russia's image is nothing more than a compendium of hazy legends and sensationalist rumors. Indeed the history of Russian Federation is overwhelming, It is apparent on every comer of the country, from staggeringly awesome cities to remote expanses such as Siberia. Although the country is associated with great imperial centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg by most westerners, the fact is that these are just a mere scratching on the surface of this vast and varied land.

For the hunting and fishing enthusiasts opportunities here are as varied as the species one will encounter. The country is endowed with the largest bear population as well as the widest bear variety in the world. Various mountain ranges scattered all over this land mass offers almost a dozen of wild sheep and goat species for it's pursuers.

For centuries this rich landscape of big game provided great sport fort he Russian aristocracy and for a group of foreing hunters. Spurred by the renewed interest in big game hunting in the land of czars, today a new generation of sportsman take long trips into this huge geography tos hare the vision of a bygone era. If you are one of those who like to hunt far away places you can fulfil your dreams in one of the few remaining remote parts of this country full of mystery.

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