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Hunt Marco Polo Argali in Tajikistan

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Marco Polo sheep is probably the most publicized mountain game in today's hunting world. It is a dream to be fulfilled for many. Despite of the fact that Marco Polo argali can be hunted successfully in a number of countries, Tajikistan has the reputation for producing the biggest rams in the SCI record book. Indeed here on the Pamir, Marco Polo sheep supports bigger horns than those of Kyrgyz sheep. The national game survey indicate that both Kyrgyzistan and Tajikistan has a population of 10.000 argali, while the sheep is more concentrated in Tajikistan, especially in the sothwestern part of the country.

Marco Polo hunts in Tajikistan take place at higher altitudes which may be inconvenient for some hunters. Our hunts take place in a relatively new area that has produced some 60 + inch rams. The camp is located at about 14,500 feet and provides all the necessary amenities and more for a comfortable hunt at high altitudes. Hunting area for sheep can elevate up to 17.000' or a bit more at times. 

However, in contrast to most Kyrgyz Marco Polo hunts, hunts in Tajikistan are conducted by vehicle and on foot. It can require hours of rides until the rams are located at which point a stalk that brings the hunter within shooting range begins. When compared with Kyrgyz hunts during which long hours are spent on horse back, it may seem to lack the spirit of Alpine hunting; nevertheless this way Tajik hunts are more productive and can be completed within a shorter time. 

Hunting season for Marco Polo sheep in Tajikistan runs from mid August through March. Choosing the best period may be a compromise since the weather conditions can change significantly between the early and late season hunts. Marco Polo can be combined with Mid Asian ibex hunt as well. 


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