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Hunt Mid Eastern Red Deer in Turkey

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Anatolian red deer is believed to be a cross breed between European type and Asian Maral although no scientific research has been done to prove this theory. Protected well over six decades, the red deer population in some parts of Turkey soared up to a point where authorities were actually obliged to open up hunting for the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic about ten years ago.

It is a well know fact that even back in Ottoman times pioneer hunters like Fredrick C.Selous had come to western Anatolia in search of this majestic animal and Bezoar ibex as well. However foreigners had not been permitted to hunt red deer for 67 years for it was banned by a game law passed in 1937. The ban was raised in 2004 and a good number of hunts have been carried out successfully since then.

Due to good conservation efforts backed with the local superstitious belief, red deer in Turkey is in very good numbers in most areas. What is more, the trophy quality proved to be good to excellent over the years. Currently there are about 20 different areas where the Turkish game department allows trophy hunting for Mid Eastern red deer. However the areas Caprinae Safaris hunts are some of the best that are mainly located in the central part of the country, near the cities of Ankara and Eskisehir.

Traditionally Mid Eastern red deer hunts in Turkey are done by driving around to locate stags and stalking on foot when a desired size stag spotted. Hunters are accommodated in the best possible hotels near the hunting area. For a full success, it is important to catch the roaring time which happens between mid September and mid October. A five day red deer hunt has proven to be enough time for a successful outcome. This hunt can be successfuly combined with wild boar hunt.


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