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I have now returned to my home safely and wanted to let you know of my experience with the staff of Caprinae and my hunting trip.

I must say that this really was a trip of a life time and I give credit to all of the staff from Caprinae for making it such an event!

Everything was completely organized to perfection, from meeting me at the Airport to dropping me off so early in the morning I my return and making sure I had cleared customs and safely to my flight!

This really takes a lot of stress away from a person traveling alone to an unknown area of the world.

My guide was superb!  He did everything possible for me to be successful including motivating me to continue up the mountain when my legs said go back.  The game scouts were a great help and provided a great service in locating the animals and helping to determine the stock to arrive at the destination to make the shot.  Then they packed the Trophy down the mountain!  Yes this was a hunt I will never forget!

Umit was the icing on the cake!  To be able to explore old Istanbul one on one was a fantastic experience I highly recommend to anyone.  His knowledge an undivided attention to provide me with memories of a lifetime was special.

Thank you so much for this experience that i shall not soon forget!

My compliments to Caprinae and all of the staff that made me feel so comfortable and provided me with a Trophy of a lifetime!



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