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Hunt Wild Boar in Turkey

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Wild boar inhabits all but a few parts of Turkey. It is regarded to be a nuisance by the locals as they cause serious damage to cultivated land all over the country. Turkey is unsurpassed in terms of both population and trophy quality in Europe. As much as it is a rarity, tusks measuring up to 30 cm have been collected on several occasions. However, tusks up to 25 cm can realistically be expected, while the average size can be considered at around 21 cm.

For individuals who hunt for the size, stalking in moonlight is a more productive way to hunt. Our guides start making their preparations at least one week prior to hunt by baiting the wild boar. Hunting requires some ride in 4x4 trucks between a number of baiting spots until a distance of 200-300 meters to the spot is reached. Then a last stalk at night has to be caried out with utmost attention in order to catch the boar at the baiting site. Hunters must keep in mind that an old boar is one of the most cunning animals in the nature and is very hard to outsmart. Therefore being very quite and slow while stalking is crutial to the success. 

For those who seek the company of fellow hunters as well as the joy of hunting, driven hunts can also be organized. Unlike some parts of Europe where these creatures hunted in fenced enclosures, wild boar in Turkey is hunted in their natural habitat and is free range. For this reason outcome may not be as numerous in quantity as it would be in a fenced area. But the trophy quality can be very rewarding.

Any wild boar hunt - stalking or driven - can be customized accroding to hunter or group's wishes. But as a general rule, we can not accept any groups smaller than 8 guns for the driven hunts as  the Turkish game law has such a limitation. Duration of the hunts can be arranged up to 5 days although recommended span would be 3 days. 

Wild boar in Turkey can be hunted on bait year around while the driven boar hunts are restricted to a period between early September and mid February. Any time of year can be picked to hunt  boars on bait however they can also be stalked in the fields when they are after stubble in July - September. It is not a very uncommon site to observe dozens of wild boar looting the fields at night during this period and most wild boar hunters find a special pleasure in stalking them in the field while they claim their share of the crop.  

Hunters are accommodated in the best possible hotels near the hunting areas with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable hunt. Caprinae Safaris will go to great lenghts to make each and every client as comfortable as possible.   

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